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FALL IS HERE (posted 5 Oct 2014)

By downtownmoose, Jan 31 2015 05:43PM

Well, yes, autumn is here and many of you are inquiring as to what shows I have planned for Fall and Christmas. I have talked to some of you by email but for those who don’t know, I have had a neck/shoulder injury. Although this is not stopping me from etching altogether it has definitely hampered my ability to prepare for and set up a show situation. Please continue to place orders and the sooner I get them in for Christmas, the better, as my shoulder will heal faster if I’m not doing huge batches of glass at once. I will really miss seeing/meeting you all at the shows.

An update on my glass “hiccup” – had a slight supply problem on my Bormioli #1 glass, but that has been rectified and we are stocked and ready to take orders on them again!

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