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By downtownmoose, Sep 29 2015 11:47PM

Hello blog readers! I always seem to write when I'm building up for a big show or something....true to form, I am currently in a big push for our long-awaited "Windy Hill Barn Sale". It has taken several years of preparation in the barn but we now feel comfortable to invite customers to see my glassware as well as an assortment of "bits and pieces" I've been collecting along the way. I began gathering a few pieces for display units which I updated with paint and some TLC, but then it became a collection of unique items with quirky details and my own personal touch that will be for sale. I've done a few pieces with etched glass doors and have some with my ideas combined with my husband's skill with a scroll saw for cut out details. Of course I will have plenty of etched glass and I hate to remind you that Christmas will only be 2 months away at the time of the sale. I invite you to visit on October 24-25th, 2015 to see everything we've been up to at Windy Hill!

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