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Dale Ballard, is the owner and creative talent behind Downtown Moose, a business she established in Reno, Nevada in 2006.


Dale’s fascination with birds, wildlife and the natural environment was fostered growing up in a rural community on the outskirts of Richmond Hill, Ontario and is very much reflected in her work.  Her first outlet for artistic expression was water and oil painting which she developed through studies at the Ontario College of Art in Canada and continued in the United States during the 14 years she lived there.


Dale and her family relocated to Canada in 2008 and she currently lives and works in Queensville, Ontario where her focus is on designing and hand-etching images on glassware and artisan pieces. With the ability to create a die for almost any image, she provides clients with made to order, personalized glassware with designs, scenes and images such as cats, skiers, airplanes, equestrian riders, golf club crests and iconic Canadian wildlife, including of course, the moose for which her company is named.


When not working, Dale indulges her love of gardening and enjoys family time at her home on “Windy Hill”.