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We are very sorry...

But it is now too late to order for a Christmas delivery.  You can still order now for delivery in January, but we have run out of time for Christmas.  As always, gift certificates are available.


Dale Ballard, the owner and creative talent at Downtown Moose, etches on high quality, North American and European glassware. She meticulously selects this glassware for its quality and avoids extremely low cost suppliers due to concerns regarding lead content in the glass. Additionally, she avoids very high cost suppliers in order to provide the best value to her customers.  Check out the Downtown Moose News Blog for insights from Dale on her latest creations and sale locations.

Customers can select from images in the catalog or, for a reasonable set-up fee, can request any etchable image.  All images on Downtown Moose glassware are designed by Dale and hand etched by her.  As with any handcrafted product you may see slight variations in the designs.  All images are dishwasher safe. Additionally, Dale etches her signature “D” inside a maple leaf on the bottom of each glass.

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars and include one etched image per piece (unless stated otherwise in the description). Additional images per piece can be added for an extra charge.

Orders can be placed on this site, by email:, by phone (905) 478-2861 or visiting the Downtown Moose booth at the various artisan fairs where she exhibits.  Dale's products have been featured in the Toronto Star prior to the 2013 Season Show, as well as the Ottawa Citizen paper during the November 2012 Signature's Show at the Convention Centre.

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